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Mugs, Sponge Holders, and Pourers

Updated: Mar 10

My best selling pots are mugs, sponge holders, and maple syrup pourers. Because I work slowly, my pots sell faster than I can make them. Fortunately, my wholesale accounts, galleries, and customers understand that I work to my own rhythm and are patient.

Currently, I am rebuilding my inventory and so far, I have created mugs, large serving bowls for winter salads and soups, large batter bowls, two bowls for making bread, and a couple of vases. The bread baking bowls were especially fun because they were made with 10 pounds of clay, quite a challenge. I did it! I was able to throw them easily. And the vases were fun, too. I hadn't made them in a long, long time and I'm quite happy with them so far. All these pots are drying before I bisque fire them.

And next on my throwing schedule will be maple syrup pourers, lots and lots of them because they are very popular, as are sponge holders. I am happy and lucky to be able to be so creative.


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